Portuguese Language Courses resume

Dear Friends, We are happy to announce that our Portuguese language courses resume in September! Ever wondered what that fado song is about, what the locals are vividly discussing in a cafe or simply how to make local friends? See you in class!

As in the previous years the Portuguese Diplomats’ Families Association is organizing Portuguese language courses for:

– Foreign spouses of Portuguese diplomats and

– Spouses of foreign diplomats accredited to Portugal

The course is aimed at facilitating integration in Portugal. It will be given by Conceição Côrte-Real, M.A. in Romanic and Germanic Philology and with extensive experience in teaching Portuguese as a second and foreign language.

The courses will start in September and will take place in the premises of the Association of Families of Portuguese Diplomats (Calçada das Necessidades, 3). As soon as possible we will let you know the date of our first class.

The courses offered are structured in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each class will have a duration of two hours per week. The exact schedule will be decided by each group.

There will be a maximum of 12 participants per course.

To participate in the course, please fill in and return the application form below to the Association of Families of Portuguese Diplomats (adcdp@mail.telepac.pt )

Thank you!









Understanding of Portuguese Language (please mark with an X):

None                      Intermediate                        Advanced


Payment: €150,00 per trimester – 4 sessions each month – to be paid on the first day of the course each trimester.

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